The Temptation to Diet

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

It is tempting to diet because you instinctively know that SELF can control your day instead of God. It is tempting to diet, for instinctively you know that you still do not have to surrender to the internal guiding hand of God—SELF can rule. There are people who, after hearing the truth, return to self-rule because you can chew when you want, and with low calorie foods, you can chew even more. Man’s guidance perishes with use—it is not helpful; God’s rules and the man who lives by them live forever…

Diets do not and will not ever work, no matter how many times you try them. On top of that, the more you employ them as the remedy for your overeating, the more you are going to eat at the end of them and the larger the clothes you will need.

People not attached to man-made food rules that force your mind onto food and self are free! They have not thought about food almost all day long. God never asked anyone to diet. When man asks you to do something not from God, and you follow it, you are simply developing a trust and a relationship and worship and adoration of man or man’s medicine or man’s science. We are here on Earth to find God and to trust God.
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