How to Make a Change

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Now that you know you can change, how do you change? Grace from God to be reborn, knowing that we are capable of complete transformation and knowing that we are expected to be new creations, will do it!

The answer has been in the Scriptures all along. The whole concept of True Religion is denying yourself for the sake of a relationship with God. It is pushing back from the table. It is saying “no” to greed, “no” to more. Just saying “no” to worldly passions and living a self- controlled life is mere Christianity. WeighDown, WeighDown Basics, and now The Tablet are mere Christianity put in a way that you can understand it in this day and time. We must make the transformation away from the old life. But instead of transferring from bad foods to good foods, this transfer is from bad actions to good actions in your life and in your heart. The message of Christ is… to transfer wrong passions to right passions. We are making an exchange—we are laying down the old actions and behavior.


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