The Answer to How to Stop Bingeing and Purging

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

You can be completely set free from eating disorders. Let us not Band-Aid the symptom, though; let us go straight to the root. The WeighDown approach to eating is absolutely the answer to it all.
Here is the way to break the cycle:

  1. Stop dieting and starving or purging to fix the binge or any over- eating. Replace it with hunger and fullness. The result will be no deprivation as you wake up today and know that as soon as you get hungry, you will be able to eat.
  2. Replace the intensive desire to eat with an intensive desire for God, and the bingeing will end. As a result, the bulimia will sub- side.
    By reintroducing yourself to regular foods, you will not only learn to eat them with control, but the so-called “forbidden foods” will lose their appeal after a while.

A certain sense of peace comes with knowing that whenever you get hungry, you may have that food. Again, as we have stated before, your body has incredible biological feedback for variety. Once you have had enough of that one food, you will not want it again for a while.

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