Resurrecting Internal Control

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

To learn to sense God’s internal leading, let us use the example, once again, of eating, since we all have to eat. What your body is calling for or what your body wants to eat is innate; it is programmed into each person and each animal. Internal control is buried and forgotten under years of other people trying to control you. It has been suppressed because you have tried to please other people and eat what they want you to eat. This internal control is masked now under lustful desires, birthed from years of denial created by man and fears that you will be malnourished—again, suggestions made by man. It will take an education about God’s eating plan to resurrect this internal control. By absorbing this truth, you can be set free from years of man-made rules that have had no value in getting the weight off nor helped your overall health. You can resurrect this buried, covered, and concealed biological feedback and redevelop this innate, God-given ability to sense what your body is really calling for. This is truly the healthiest way to eat!

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