Can You Be Addicted To Sugar or Chocolate?

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

There are people who override not only the amount of food that the body is calling for, but also the type of food, and go after just chips or chocolate. These people can wait all day as long as they can binge on their salts or sweets later in the day. It is similar to the alcoholic who can avoid food all day just to wait to get all of their calories from alcohol. Even though this makes them very sick and ruins their liver—and in the case of “chocoholics,” it ruins their health and digestive tract—their sensual desire is stronger than their desire to serve or obey God. This unbalanced head desire is just another form of sensual desire that you have to put to death. The body is not calling for chocolate or sweets for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Furthermore, the all chips/junk food/chocolate diets eventually throw people into further binges on other foods because the body is so depleted of the variety that it needs or calls for. The craving is overriding the natural biological feedback.

How do you rid yourself of this wrong craving? First, write down all the bad health effects you receive from the habit. Include how sick you feel after a binge on chocolate (or whatever binge it might be—alcohol, tobacco, drugs, snacks, etc.). Compare these notes with the list of how you feel when you fight and overcome the nighttime binge! Every time you feel the urge to binge on anything, run to God, listen to All Access, and read the Bible—and notice how you become more and more determined to end your binges. If you really were listening to the cues of the body, you would feel how nauseated you were from all the chocolate. Pay attention to how awful “out-of- control” binges feel. Likewise, write down how great the body feels eating a balanced meal inside hunger and fullness! There is no comparison.

But most of all, remember, this has got to stop today. This is very bad for your health. God commands that you live an upright, self- controlled life and take care of your body. Remember, grace teaches us to say “No.”

Fight with prayer and obedience to God. Keep reading—there are many more tips to help you overcome chocolate binges.


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