How to Tell What You Really Worship

Friday, August 11th, 2017

I used to sit in church as a child on Sunday evenings and watch people listlessly drag themselves through the motions of their worship. These are the same people who will put on one blue shoe and one white one, wave a blue and white pom-pom, and apply blue and white paint on their faces to root for their favorite college teams. They jump up after the worship service (which is a sad name for what took place) and rush to basketball games. They may know the name of every player and every statistic, and once at the game, they scream, yell, and jump up and down for the players. But can these same people tell you much about the heavenly team or any of its star players—Jesus, Abraham, and David? So we do have a heart, and we do know how to worship… it may just be misplaced.

If you have passion for God, it grows with the years. Statistics show us that people in developed countries are becoming larger and larger and more and more passionate for their food.
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