Finding the Acceptance from God

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

We do not easily give up the one worldly stronghold or lifelong idol God asks for, just as many married people do not easily give their spouses the main thing they want. They will give nice, decent things, but not the one or two things their spouses really desire. Many times, what God and your spouse want you to give up are the very same strongholds.

As recounted in Genesis 4, Cain, not Abel, had this problem. Both brothers offered sacrifices of the work of their hands. Their outward behaviors were the same. Man may have a hard time seeing why God accepted one gift but not the other gift. You cannot always tell what is in the heart by merely looking. As I have said before, one person could be eating a piece of chocolate cake and be sinning, and another person could be eating a piece of chocolate cake and be in the center of the will of God.

Holding back on what God really wants from you, you will want to eliminate the Abels in this world who hold nothing back and freely give their all. But with the correct heart’s goal, you will not want to “eradicate” the Abels of this world. You will want to find them and imitate their behavior. You will show honor to those who have given their firstfruits to God and have obtained favor. You can get this acceptance, too! We do not have to become angry at someone else, hate someone else, mock someone else, or murder someone else. Instead of sabotaging a co-worker or trying to find a way of making a passionate person of God’s feel stupid, we, ourselves, can give our heart, mind, soul, and strength over to God. Then we, too, will find this same acceptance.


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