Why is Hunger and Fullness Important?

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Going back to eating the way the Creator wants is huge because it is deeper than just eating…it is going back and getting in touch with the guiding hand of Divinity. And since you have to eat several times a day, you learn to go to the Lord all day, every day. If you are indulging in tobacco, no doubt you are missing body signals that are telling you to stop. This is true with all substances. But what if your downfall is pride or selfishness or talking too much? You need to listen to the inside of you—the internal control from the Heavens. It is there and can be reawakened if you would only get still and listen to the Voice from within. This exercise is for all of us. We all need to talk less and listen more to God and His Holy Spirit. So remember, we will use hunger and fullness to relearn how to find and respond appropriately to the guiding hand of The Great I Am—the guidance essential for all things.

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