How to Get Thru Your Lunch Hour if You are Not Hungry

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Many times, questions arise concerning the way to handle specific eating situations when you are trying to lose weight. The wonderful truth about losing weight the WeighDown way is that there are no special food rules to follow that include weighing, measuring, counting, or restricting food selections. All foods are to be enjoyed with thanksgiving between the boundaries of hunger and fullness. The only rule is no more cravings, so get your HEART right with God—the BODY will follow. Over the next few days, we will consider some of the common questions.

What should you do if it is your lunch hour and you are not hungry?

Do not eat. Your body is not calling for food, and if you do eat, it will only be added to what needs to be burned (your stored fat). If you get hungry before the next meal, you can eat a small snack of some kind to satisfy your hunger until mealtime—or you can choose to make that your mealtime. The number of meals you eat in one day might decrease.


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