How to Handle Eating Late

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

What if you are not hungry for breakfast but have a growl for evening snacks?

Answer: No problem—as long as you are responding to hunger and fullness. You could be a “p.m. person” who sleeps later and stays up later. These people usually start their day without hunger and prefer most of their food later in the day. Eating late at night is not wrong as long as you are hungry. And it stands to reason that if you eat late, you will probably not wake up hungry. The reverse is the “a.m. person” who rises early, ready to eat. These people often prefer heavier food early in the day, dwindling to lighter and less food at night. Either one is okay as long as you are using your hunger/fullness mechanism as your signal to eat. However, there are people who have real problems with bingeing at night; if this is the case, turn yourself into an “a.m. person” and shut the kitchen down after supper.


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