Additional Eating Tips for Slowing Down

Monday, March 5th, 2018

In the event that you are still fighting the battle of “but my mouth still wants some more,” you should try to be creative. For example, you are eating lunch—say, a submarine sandwich on a hoagie bun with sesame seeds on top. You feel the sensation that you are close to full, but your desire is to keep eating. Always pray first but then remember it is a perfect time to rate your foods even more. Start dissecting the sandwich. Pull out small pinches of the meat you like the best, or the cheese you like the best, or the tasty pepper or olive. Eating slowly and small amounts, along with sipping between bites, you can sense the stopping point. Plus this dissection—picking your food apart to get the good parts—makes it very easy for you to throw away what is left over!


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